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Executive Search

We maintain and constantly refresh our connections to the best current and future managers. While consulting we are focused to help companies in selecting the best personnel. We reveal where their unique abilities lay, what motivates them, their professional aspirations as well as development of their careers. All this contributes to establishment strong relationships with clients and candidates among who we stand as mediators of trust.


“Tonchew Advisory Associates” in 2014, became the exclusive partner of leading global company, “Boyden Global Executive Search” on the territory of former Yugoslavia and Albania for these types of consulting. In cooperation with the central o ce of “Boyden” for CEE, headquartered in Vienna, our consulting firm works according to strict “Boyden” standards, procedures and the reporting system. The partnership also provides access to a global base of internal information and network of consultants and reference. ES positions are mainly focused on the level of C, C1- and C2-, but for some regular clients the set of whole green- or brown-field operation is possible.

Executive Appraisal & Assessment

In the dynamic business of each company often quick decisions in choosing candidates and building a functional teams need to be made. Dynamic conditions require assessments to verify the e orts and accomplishments of employees , emphasize their abilities, propose the necessary training, their reallocation and career planning. Performance appraisal system is a complex and important process in every organization and should include a component of professional development and perfection of employees.


Assessment is not just a management exercise, but the outcome of a process which includes feedback, dialogue and guidance during the observation. We make companies distinction of candidates easier and pave the way to improve their e ciency. Our experts assess the leading teams and individuals in critical moments, providing the necessary insights and ensuring that the right man is on the right position and that leaders are ready for the forthcoming challenges.

Board Consulting

Since the beginning of 2008 this consulting area has become an integral part of our consulting portfolio. Whether it comes to individual consulting of member in the Board or to group consulting of the entire Board, our consultants successfully help companies and individuals who are in their top management to solve organizational and market challenges that are put before them. Board consulting helps companies to build strong organizational leadership. The biggest problem in the management occurs when there is a problem in the Board. Our work with clients leads to improvement of their leadership performance.


As someone who has been entrusted with consulting, we o er solutions based on a thoroughly knowledge of the business. In this way, we ensure maximum e ciency within the existing business strategy. By consulting we help top management not only in managing but also in increasing their contribution to the strategic success of the company. This consulting area also includes the participation of our consultants in functions such as “Interim Executive” or “Non-Executive Board Member.” If a client has a need for legal corporate consulting, our partner is the leading CEE Corporate Law Firm “Lansky, Ganzger + Partner” with the head o ce in Vienna and activities throughout the whole region (www.lansky.at).

Strategic & HR Consulting

A good strategy is the one which can be implemented. Because income-earning and winning the competition are in the core of each business strategy, one of our services is strategic consulting- intensive process of assisting in making decisions at a high level so that these objectives can be achieved. Doing so, often raises the question why companies don’t make those decisions alone. Well, some issues are so important that they require additional help to be properly solved, because the wrong approach could lead to the collapse of the company or giving chances to competition. Managers don’t renounce their responsibility of decision-making, they just make place for our additional advice.


At the beginning of 2015 our consulting company became a local implementation partner of “Boston Consulting Group” (www.bcg.com). Cooperation with the “BCG” includes work on projects in Serbia and the whole region of ex-Yugoslavia, as well as creating a talent pool, which after working with us and on joint projects with the “BCG” continue to work for “BCG” as consultants. This consulting domain also include activities relating establishment of competency models, KPI’s, salary system, performance assessment system, corporate culture changes and others.

Talent, Succession and Retention Systems

As someone who contributes the most to achieving the company goals, talents have undoubtedly a huge impact on business. Talents belong to the above-averagely productive sta and therefore they need a special approach. So the fact, that almost every highly successful company or organization today has special programs for talent development, don’t surprise. For the directors of human resource sectors and professional audience talent management, with all its evident specific business rules (society transition, long-term economic crisis, political stability…) is definitely a big challenge. In the last few years, companies focus their attention on devising the strategies for developing and motivating their employees- talent management has become the key to the organizational e chancy.


Succession planning has always been one of the best investments of each company. Enabling flawless system of succession is as important as good management. This process requires our assistance with review of the existing succession plan and making sure that it goes toward the best standards in the practice. When the succession occurs, it is important to provide conditions for it to play as quickly and painlessly as possible and with the least damaging consequences for the company. Proper succession strategy reaches out of the Board. Our diagnostic methods detect does the current succession system produce leaders that company requires. We assist in institutionalization and documentation of succession planning process.


Retaining talent is crucial for every company. Poor designed retention system for the company means a steady outflow of resources. Companies need to know on what to focus to retain and motivate their employees. Instead of hiring additional staff, we direct them to provide incentives and stimulate existing talent to the purpose of keeping them in their companies. Of course that continuously increasing of wages is safe way to retain employees, but in addition to the fact that this option is often not feasible, also it isn’t the most e ective solution. On the other side training, development and mentoring sta give far better results when it comes to retention.

Tailor-made Executive Coaching

In order to complete portfolio of our consulting services in accordance with the requirements and needs of our clients, for several years we have been active in the domain of dedicated in-house training relating human resources, organization, strategy, sales, marketing, corporate governance, and more. Superior performances are easier achieved with experienced and professional support. Top management needs periodically trainings aimed at upgrading management skills and raising motivation. Our training sessions are personalized and designed for individuals who are committed to reaching their full potential.


Training purpose is to help our clients with acquiring the ability to focus on weaknesses and to quickly build their skills. This type of training enables clients to develop specific skills according to their specific needs and are designed for every company which recognizes the importance of improving knowledge and skills in order to e ciently achieve the strategic goals. An additional advantage is our client’s opportunity to ask any questions during trainings that would have been embarrassed to ask in the group.